How your Personal Brand can help you land your dream job

How your persoanl brand can help you land your dream job
How your personal brand can help you land your dream job

How your Personal Brand can help you land your dream job?

What is a personal Brand?

Left to their own devices, people often get confused about ‘concocting’ their “personal brand” and end up with something that isn’t a brand at all - just a vague description of something they have experience with.

Example: “Ten years experience in recruitment management.” (Or: finance or marketing, etc.)

Problem?: Lots of people have ten years’ experience in recruitment management. It doesn’t tell us what sets you apart.

My example: Here’s one major part of my ‘Brand’ as a recruiter…

I have been a recruiter in a niche market for 20 years now, and I pride myself in trying very hard (and normally succeeding) to add value to my candidates by giving them as much tailored and specific advice as possible, and to my clients by knowing my candidates well enough to recommend them for the right positions; culturally as well as from a skills perspective.
I know we all need to pay the bills and recruitment is my way of doing this, but the real satisfaction for me comes from running a small specialist consultancy which has a positive and long lasting impact on peoples careers, businesses and personal growth. Isn’t that what being a consultant is all about?

For this reason I do tend (even in this day and age) to steer away from mail merge contact, automated replies, etc and opt for the personal call, but it’s simply impossible to hold everyone’s hand all of the time so I find a more rewarding way to manage candidate relationships to encourage ownership their own job search, in which I am happy to play a key role.
The most time-consuming part of my role these days is consulting candidates making them more aware, focused and confident in their own value so they can take the knocks and spills of the job search journey. I do have enough time to make a living (not huge) out of the regular clients in my niche who always use our services, and that makes me very happy and proud. Our business grows consistently and organically via referal and reputation but we are NOT one of the big guns, so can dictate our own approach.

So there you have it – all recruitment consultants are not the same! 

How to Identify your own Brand:

  • Keep it real – Figure out WHAT you do, and list the skills and experiences this gives you.
  • Quantify the impact this has on others / business (ideally in £ and %).
  • Determine the kind of results you consistently get for whichever field and position you work in.
  • Figure out what combination of traits you have
  • Don’t lie (or exaggerate)!

How to make your brand work for you:

When hunting for your ideal employer, it’s really important to align yourself with companies who share the same brand values as you… Do you share motivations and culture, rather than just market or product experience? Make a list of your dream employers, identify why you want to work for them, research the key issues they are facing and ways you could address that, what skills can you bring that they need? – if you don’t have them, get them!

Are you speaking to that company by tailoring your CV / interview content to be relevant and valuable to them. At interview, WOW them with incredible questions that really show you have thought about not only the company, but the role, so that they can start to see you in that job. Take your ideas, well presented, well thought out with incredible attention to detail and relevance (not too long…) along with you and leave them with the interviewer the end of the meeting. This reinforces their ability to see you in the role, shows you are the type of person to go the extra mile, and is more than other candidates may do.
In addition, and this really is key, LISTEN! Your ability to listen to, absorb, and ask sensible questions at interview is almost more important that preparing what you want to say. It shows active interest, and will make the interview flow much more as a 2 way conversation, so the interviewer will enjoy it a lot more, find you engaging, and see you as the perfect fit…


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