5 simple ways to re-energise your job hunt

5 simple ways to re-energise your job hunt

Job hunting - on the most part - is hard work. Hours upon hours are spent writing cover letters, adjusting CVs and preparing for interview. And then you get rejected. It's brutal but you pick yourself up and dust yourself off knowing you will proceed to repeat this process over and over until you finally find, and are hired to fill, that dream role you've been secretly crossing your fingers for.

While not particularly enjoyable its a simple enough formula to find a job, but one which in real life can quite easily, and quickly, meet a motivational road block...

So, how can you get back on track?

1. Visualise what success will mean. Whether this job is a sideways step or a leap up the career ladder you can overcome the low points of the job hunting by keeping focussed on why you are doing what you are doing. For example, how good it will feel after securing that new role or the opportunities that it will open up. See yourself at the desk of your dreams, imagine how much the extra cash will make a difference? Shorter commute? - what will that mean to your home/ family life? Keep this at the front of you mind when the going gets tough… better still, make yourself a ‘dream book’ including all your aspirations and keep it handy.

2. Keep healthy. When you have a lot to do it sometimes feels like a big struggle to finish - forsaking sleep, social engagements and good nutrition in the process. This is a false economy and you will only perform at your best in your job hunt if you look and feel in tip-top shape! Listen to your body. Feel tired? - take a short nap; can't concentrate? - take a break; restless? - hit the gym or go for a run… talk to some friends. Find out what your body needs to be working at its best and ensure that you don't neglect it.

3. Make it a habit. By making your job hunt a part of your daily routine it will soon become something you do out of habit. Finding your dream job may take a while, so prepare for the long haul and you may be nicely surprised… Set aside just half an hour every day. This maybe be hard to do at first but after a few weeks of effort it is a motivational lifesaver.

4. Feel the Pain. Cliche as it sounds - if there's no pain, there's no gain. You may be feeling anxious about an upcoming interview? Do you need a confidence boost, or are you inclined to avoid tricky questions, like why you have been out of work for a while…? This is normal, but don’t let it stop you reaching your goal. Open your arms wide… seek tools to help you fight your demons, and feel your confidence grow as you overcome them. There are always people to offer advice so identify the things that are holding you back get busy! You could always email me: allison@leapuk.com

5. Treat Yourself! Whether positive or negative it has been shown that incentives really do increase motivation. So if it's a well-deserved chocolate bar, or the withholding of some other treat, make sure there's an incentive to reward yourself with as you reach different milestones on your job-hunting journey. And of course save a big bottle of bubbles to celebrate landing that dream job!!! Feel empowered by these motivational tips? Why not get in contact with us or check out our blogs for more advice on everything from writing a killer CV, nailing your interview or to find out how we can help bring your job hunt to life!

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