10 ways to optimise your job hunt on Linked in

10 ways to optimise your job hunt
10 ways to optimise your job hunt

It's crucial that your LinkedIn profile is bright, shiny and correctly targeted ahead of your job hunt, even if you are using a brilliant recruitment consultancy like LeapUK to shout your corner. Potential employers and recruitment consultants will check you out on LI, and having a great profile can strengthen your personal brand and significantly improve your chances of landing that dream new job.

So here are our top 10 tips to shake up YOUR profile and start you on your way:

  1. What no Photo? First impressions count, and having no photo creates suspicion. Everyone has at least one good picture of themselves – if you don’t, have a well-lit, professional looking photo taken and get it uploaded pronto! 

  1. Who do you want to be seen as? Every time you appear on LinkedIn your headline or personal tag line goes with you. Your brand will be seen by the online community, including recruiters, so it’s important to brand yourself for the job you want rather than the job you have. The summary box should be your ‘elevator pitch’ & reflect the personal profile on your CV.  Target the people you want to see it – i.e. recruiters and employers by making sure that your USP and the value you can bring to an organization are clearly visible. Include keywords that recruiters are likely to search for (SEO is important on LinkedIn). Use the specialities section to add in keywords as well; recruiters search this section!  

  1. Personal Branding. Consistency, just like integrity and reliability, is very important in the online world. Make sure that your website, Twitter, Facebook page and others portray the same values, and in the same voice. Recruiters will do online searches for you, BEFORE they decide whether to call you, and yes, they will check out Facebook, so make sure you either have your privacy settings locked down, or there’s nothing there that a potential employer wouldn’t like!

  1. No less than 100%. Completing your LinkedIn profile to 100% will increase your search ranking and give employers a good impression. This is really simple but can be time consuming. Use the experience section to explain what each company you worked for did and what you did there. Remember to include any board, advisory or voluntary positions. For the qualification section, add context to each qualification you quote; why you went there and what value it may or may not bring to your professional or business life. HR people and recruiters use LinkedIn for candidate searching and they do it by key words so make sure you put buzz words in here. The location is very important as well, as recruiters look for potential candidates close to the client’s site first.

  1. Check… check… correct…Online first impressions count just as much as face-to-face first impressions. This is your shop window, and needs to be displayed perfectly, with pride - It’s very easy for people to make assumptions about someone when viewing their online profile, so make it informative, engaging and well presented, and you are more likely to get opportunities to demonstrate how amazing you are face-to-face. As well as being error-free, your profile should be succinct, articulate, and a true reflection of your CV – it is worth spending time on accuracy as this will possibly be seen (and judged) more than your CV!

  1. Get Recommended. Having other professionals vouch for you is very powerful. Ask managers, customers, colleagues, and even friends if it is relevant. Getting people to do this for you is not difficult, it’s all about timing – the time to ask is just when you have done somebody a favour.

  1. Network. When you are all set, use it!!!  There’s no benefit in having a shiny profile and being amazing if you are staying in the corner of the room!  Reach out and get networking; connect with people you deal with on a daily basis - you never know when these contacts will come in handy. Get involved in groups and discussions to raise your profile in a targeted way - ask stimulating questions, answer questions, link up news articles and other relevant information. If you add value to others, you will be noticed by key people in your industry.

  1. Settings. Make sure that your contact settings are set to include: career opportunities, consulting offers, new ventures, job inquiries and reference requests and that your profile is public. Customise your public profile URL so that it contains your name – this will make you easier to find.

  1. Job Search tool. To use LinkedIn as an effective Job Search tool, keep a regular check on the recruiters you respect in your sector and hiring managers in your dream companies and even potential future colleagues.When you see a job you like on another job board, use LinkedIn to check out the LinkedIn company page of the organisation and click “Follow company.” That company’s activities (job postings, hires, announcements) will then appear on your homepage and alert you to potential opportunities.On the company pages you can also find out what a company does, how many people they employ, how many connected employees etc. For instance, you can see if they have hired or fired recently as well as where these people came from/went to. Do you have common achievements / background / qualifications? – Are you visible to these people, and if not what can you do to address this and make them aware that you are their perfect next hire?

  1. Regular Updates. To stay on people’s radar during your job hunt, regularly update your status on LinkedIn. Make sure your settings allow everyone in your network to see your updates when you make them, and you will be giving your network a ‘nudge’ every time you edit your status or add a skill. If you regularly tell potential employers and recruiters what you have achieved, or are doing in the course of your normal working life: successful campaigns, new recommendations, product launches etc, recruiters will notice. LinkedIn can be your very own micro-PR machine.

Do remember to update the content on your LinkedIn profile at least once a quarter and you will be more likely to show up in the LinkedIn updates for all to see. If you are actively (and very openly) looking for a new role, then using phrases such as: “actively seeking a digital marketing role on London” can be really effective.

This should give you a good start: Happy Hunting! If you would like a one-to-one chat we’re happy to help you with your search! – call LeapUK now on 01858 446269.

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